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Grove Road Community Primary School

  • Creating excellent relationships
  • Being fair and honest
  • Achieving high standards
  • Being proud and confident
  • Showing enthusiasm for learning
  • Making good choices
  • Working well together

Grove Road is a well-established school with a long and lively history. This helps to make it so integral to the local community. But even more important is its commitment to its people – everybody involved in our school has a part to play in making it such a wonderful place to be.


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  • Relationships

    To create a happy and welcoming environment where there are excellent relationships and a high level of responsibility and regard for the safety and well-being of others

  • Equality

    To ensure that all children have equal access and opportunity to be included in every aspect of school life

  • Standards

    To promote and value high standards and high levels of attainment through a curriculum which values individual achievement and progress

  • Positive

    To develop self-esteem, ambition and pride within a positive and supportive environment

  • Enthusiasm

    To provide a wide range of experiences for all children encouraging enthusiasm for learning

  • Choices

    To ensure that pupils have the information and skills to enable them to make positive, informed and healthy lifestyle choices

  • Together

    To encourage cooperative links between school, parents and the wider community