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Grove Road Community Primary School


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Aims and Values of our school

We are committed to developing a learning environment for all which is:

  • Safe
  • Healthy
  • Enjoyable and successful with high achievement
  • Driven to encourage a positive contribution to society in all aspects 

Our aims and values underpin all that we do in school and are represented by our RESPECT Code:


We aim to create a happy and welcoming environment where there are excellent relationships and there is a high level of responsibility and regard for the safety and well-being of others


We ensure that all children have equal access and opportunity to be included in every aspect of school life, from their learning to their social development


We promote and value high standards and high levels of attainment through a curriculum which values individual achievement and progress


We place great importance on the development of self-esteem, ambition and pride within a positive and supportive environment


We provide a wide range of experiences for all children encouraging enthusiasm for learning


The choices we make are so important in life. We strive to ensure that pupils have the information and skills to enable them to make positive, informed and healthy lifestyle choices


A sense of community is at the heart of our school. We encourage close, cooperative links between school, parents and the wider community.