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Grove Road Community Primary School

History of Grove Road School

Grove Road School was first opened by Mr Chippindale, the Chair of The School Board on September 30th 1897.

In those days the school was one of the largest buildings in the town of Harrogate and was surrounded by open spaces and green fields. It cost £22000 to build, which was a huge investment for Victorian times.

When the school opened, reports suggested that it was all too extravagant and that although the building was designed to accommodate 1350 children, only 900 pupils were enrolled.

Some critics suggested that because the building was “so luxurious”, the children might be “spoilt” by giving them such educational advantages! In answer to this criticism the Chair of the School Board responded  “…education was not only about committing things to memory, but it also needed to bring out children’s better faculties to make them true citizens”. Mr Chippindale was obviously a man of great vision!

The building holds a great and long history. However the building also has a certain special warmth and atmosphere which derives from the care and dedication of many thousands of people who over the years have worked and learned within its walls. 

We welcome visitors, including ex-pupils, to come and experience that special atmosphere for themselves!