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Grove Road Community Primary School

Our links with the HART Alliance

Harrogate and Rural Teaching Alliance is a well-established and growing collaborative partnership of 51 member schools and a further 5 Strategic Partners. The Alliance is built on the core principle of “Improving Learning for all Pupils Through Collaborative Partnerships” and all of our schools work together to achieve this.

We are committed to developing outstanding teaching and learning across our schools through joint practice development, which we have introduced at all levels of the schools involved.

Our shared working practice is providing high quality CPD for all member schools, and leadership training that is developing middle leaders to support of classroom practices.

As an alliance we value the importance of a more evidence-based profession and as a result Research and Development is threaded across the alliance activities. There is a growing range of action research projects that are supporting school improvement at a classroom level.

We provide a comprehensive School-to-School support service to help raise pupils’ standards and achievements, and bespoke packages are available to meet individual school needs.

Our particular areas of expertise as identified by the National College for Leadership and Teaching are:

  • Curriculum
  • Early Years
  • Assessment
  • Research and Development
  • CPD and Succession Planning

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